Tell Cuomo we want the Midwifery Birth Center Bill APPROVED!

Let's tell Governor Cuomo we want The Midwifery Birth Center Bill (A.446/S.4325) APPROVED! 

Midwifery birth centers offer high quality, individualized, cost-effective care designed in the wellness model of pregnancy and birth. Midwifery birth centers will promote the development of exceptional maternity care for healthy women experiencing uncomplicated pregnancies, and encourage family-centered maternity and neonatal care, promote and support breastfeeding. Midwifery birth center services are designed to meet the needs of the population being served and promote optimum pregnancy outcomes.

Evidence Shows:

  • Birth Centers operated by Midwives have lower Cesarean rates and fewer inductions. 
  • They dramatically REDUCE costs
  • Show a higher level of patient satisfaction
  • They are uniquely positioned to help the state reach its  Medicaid Redesign Team maternal and child health goals.

Today there are only two freestanding Birth Centers in New York State, dramatically reducing options for women and families in most communities. Although many attempts have been made to open new Birthing Centers, the current law has proven to be too restrictive. 

Let's tell Cuomo to APPROVE this bill and pave the way for increased options and outcomes for women and families! 


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