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On July 30th, a former city Department of Public Works employee was charged with sex crimes against a 14-year-old boy. He has a long criminal history including multiple felony convictions for sex crimes.

Mark Carrigan, 46, who is a Level 3 sex offender, has been charged 40 times on 16 occasions in two decades, authorities said. That includes 16 felony charges and 22 misdemeanor charges.

In a statement the Syracuse Police Department said Carrigan is "perhaps the most prolific offender registered in the city of Syracuse." It is time for the citizens and lawmakers in NY State to take responsibility for the safety of our children. If we do not enact laws to protect them and punish those who hurt them, we should hold ourselves responsible for their harm. We must start by creating stiffer minimum penalties for first time sex offenders and mandatory life sentences for repeat offenders.

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Protect our children from sex offenders. When I think about the current laws in NY regarding sex offenders.. it makes me think.. that for years, repeat offenders have gotten off with little or no jail time.. as the public stood idly by and allowed it with their inaction.. Do you want to face a child who has been hurt and damaged and admit that by our own inaction, we have become an accessory? Do something to change these laws, folks. We need mandatory minimum five year sentences for first time child sex offenders, and life imprisonment for repeat offenders. The time to protect our children is yesterday. We have clearly missed it, but we can catch up now. No child should suffer from our inaction.

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