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This petition is designed to recognize emergency services personnel, and their hard work, dedication and irreplaceable set of life saving skills in light of New York State's passing a bill allowing for all fast food workers to make $15.00 per hour.

I strongly believe the men and women who risk their lives for the public on a daily basis deserve at least $17.00 per hour. The professionals in emergency services have dedicated their lives to protecting their communities often for less than $10.00 per hour.  If unskilled laborers such as fast food workers are worth $15 per hour, surely the highly trained first responders are worth more.

I am asking New York State to raise the minimum wage for all emergency services workers to $17.00 per hour. This includes all dispatchers, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, Peace officers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, et cetera...

These professionals often work 12 hour or longer shifts without any form of official "break".  Granted, they may have time between calls to use the restroom or quickly grab lunch or coffee.  However, these efforts are often interrupted in order to respond to the next emergency or call for help.

These professionals take care of everyone and anyone without judgement or personal feelings regardless of the circumstances. They frequently see the worst of humanity - abuse, assaults, horrific trauma - things most people will never have to and experience some of the worst scenes imaginable without question.

I know most people make sacrifices, but would you risk your life for a stranger? Because, these professionals do it each and every day.

The firefighter, who runs into burning houses and car crashes to save a life...

The law enforcement officer, chasing criminals who try to harm you, putting them in between you and trouble at any cost...

The EMS provider, who sees some of the worst things you can imagine, who walk into the unknown to save a life even if that means getting attacked...

The dispatcher, who answers the sobbing calls for help. The first responder who answers the call, who is the calming voice, who is the one who can save a life without even being there. 

These people often working 80-100 hours a week just to support their family, after paying for all the schooling and licensing and training needed to provide these services .  

The people who protect you and your family, the people who protect you while you sleep, the people who risk their lives each day, the people who would sacrifice their lives to save yours, who've seen the worst but put forth their best. 

Help us to help you. We are here when you need us, now we need you.

Today: NOLIN is counting on you

NOLIN JACKSON needs your help with “New York Governor, New York State Senate, New York State House: RAISE EMERGENCY SERVICE WAGES TO 17.00 AN HOUR FOR ALL EMS,FIRE AND POLICE IN NEW YORK”. Join NOLIN and 6,500 supporters today.