Petition To Fire New York Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman

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The New York Giants were once looked at as one of the NFL's best franchises. In recent years, the Giants have turned into one of the league's worst. Since hiring their general manager Dave Gettleman last year, they have only gotten worse.

General manager Dave Gettleman has committed malpractice. His actions as general manager of the New York Giants have been negligent and destructive to one of football's most historic franchise and its massive, loyal franchise. Gettleman has swept the Giants clean of its most talented players. He has made it a point to get rid of talent, despite lying to the fanbase, saying "you don't quit on talent."

Odell Beckham Jr. has been traded. He was the most talented wide receiver in the history of the New York Giants. Dave Gettleman lied to reporters and fans when he said: "we did not sign Odell to trade him."

Landon Collins was the Giants' most talented player on their defense. He was the best safety to play for the Giants since 2012. In 2019, Dave Gettleman was offered a 3rd round pick for Collins. He ignored that offer and let Collins walk in free agency, causing the Giants to receive nothing in return. That is negligent behavior resulting in a heartbroken fanbase. The fanbase was heartbroken by this, but once the Odell trade happened, the fanbase redefined what it means to be heartbroken.

Dave Gettleman is no longer fit to run an NFL team. He is destroying the New York Giants and tearing apart a fanbase that put their faith and trust into him. He did this once before as general manager of the Carolina Panthers. He was fired by the Panthers for letting star players (Carolina's talented players) walk away for nothing in return.

I have been a New York Giants fan my entire life. That will never change. I will always be a Giants fan. However, there used to be a thing called "Giants Pride" which the Giants organization promoted so often. The Giants have "Giants Pride" signs inside their stadium. I and the rest of the Giants fans can not feel that sense of pride in our team with Dave Gettleman turning the franchise into a joke.

The New York Giants need to fire Dave Gettleman. It is the only way to save this franchise and give these fans the quality football that they deserve.