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if someone is (for example) a witness to murder he could have prevented without harming themselves, are they  as guilty as the perpetrator? I know that is a rather simplistic situation often too many crimes are committed with bystanders just recording or in the Florida man who drowned case  laughing and filming instead of  dialing 911.

A similar case in Bronx , NY

occurred when over 10 bystanders  seen  a damsel in distress a minor at that running for his life and not one single person called for help and to make matters worse the store owner who knew the child allowed the gang to drag the child out and stab him multiple times they could of locked there door they could have hid the boy in the back or the cooler somewhere doesn't matter but instead a video was released showing them giving up his position to save themselves they stated they were in fear for there lives because they were told not to get involved so instead of doing the right thing and locking the door and calling 911 or calling 911 in general and setting the phone down afterwards they allowed all of this to happen they threw the child out as if his life was meaningless, later on another video revealed that when the child came back in bleeding begging for help they threw him out again. This has gone Too far to the point were we let gang members run the streets and allow these sorts of monstrosities to happen without intervening but yet we can sit there and film we can watch and turn away we can walk past and stare but not one single person that night phoned the police and because of that  in this case and so many others children and other innocent human beings have been victimized , raped, tortured, kidnapped and murdered enough is enough and for those who continue to turn away and do nothing or those who could have stepped in and did nothing or could have at the very least called 911 they may not have caused the crime but they should at the very least if caught witnessing or filming a crime and not intervening to call police should be held responsible with fines or jail time , too many people are getting away with standing by,turning away and being a witness to a crime and not calling the police to leave an anonymous tip at the very least and its not right we have lost too many innocent children and human beings that deserve better and not to die in vain, step up do whats right save a life and join us in this fight for change.   

in addition make being in a Gang illegal , treat them like terrorists that is what they do terrorize they have taken so many innocent lives and bring crime into the cities and drugs, rape , molestation and so much more we must put a stop to all of this. No Gang affiliation please review this and choose peace instead of allowing loopholes to let these monsters roam the streets and terrorize are youth initiate them and commit heinous crimes we owe it to our future generations our youth of today and all families who want to live in peace we the tax payers who work hard every day deserve this at the very least. Join us in this fight today to end terrorism of all types and have peace again.