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Release Graded Regents Examinations

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As students currently enrolled in New York State, the Regents Examinations are critical to our academic experiences. Many in our school and community consider them the culmination of our classroom experiences, where we are to demonstrate our learning to our full ability.

However, despite the Regents Examinations being the culmination of our learning, we never see our papers again after they have been taken from us. As a result, many of us never fully understand the reasons why we get the grades we do, since we can never see how the scorers have marked our papers.

We would like the New York State Education Department to allow for the graded Regents Examinations to be accessible to students. This would allow students to see which questions they got wrong, and exactly why. Simply releasing the answer keys is insufficient, as it cannot be specific enough to each student's responses; moreover, it also cannot be expected of students to memorize their specific answers to every specific question in order to check them against the answer key. Thus, it would benefit the student experience greatly if the students were able to access their own graded examinations in order to see their own errors and the justifications for such errors.

We do understand that the Regents Examinations must be held for security reasons. However, holding the graded Regents Examinations simply stigmatizes the student experience too much--it makes the student unable to learn properly from their mistakes. Delivering the graded papers to students can also allow students to verify the grading of the scorers, allowing for greater accuracy if errors in scoring are made. Moreover, the releasing of the student papers can be done in an orderly, secure fashion as well, perhaps after the official answer keys have been released--electronically delivering the papers to the students, for example, could be a possible solution.

We hope that you take our points into consideration, and we hope that we may see our graded examinations in the interest of enriching our learning experiences. 

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