Help Paperboy Love Prince Get On The Ballot For Mayor Before Its Too Late

Help Paperboy Love Prince Get On The Ballot For Mayor Before Its Too Late

January 7, 2021
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We need your help getting Paperboy Love Prince on the Ballot for NYC Mayor and we don't have much time! But You can be a great help! The first step is signing this petition! We need to get over 15,000 signatures IN PERSON during March to get on the ballot. So to get the word out and to promote covid safety we are collecting signatures online now and then will follow up with you in person in March to get your signature on our petition in person. Unfortunately, even during the pandemic, the BoE will not accept electronic signatures.  So when the official petitioning process begins, we will email you with the details about how we can safely collect your signature in person. This isn't a vote for Paperboy but it is an important part of Democracy and it's the way the every candidate has to get on the ballot in New York State. Help up hold democracy and sign our petition for Paperboy Love Prince! You can donate to the campaign here

Paperboy Prince is an artist, activist, athlete, rapper, educator, web developer, motivational speaker, and more. Their campaign is based on Spreading Love to all as a central policy as well as Universal Basic Income, Healthcare for All, Ending Homelessness, Futuristic Schools, and a Greener New York with many more policies to come. Paperboy Love Prince has organized and led countless protests thru New York fighting on behalf of the people and will bring that same energy and love as Mayor. They are the first mayoral candidate in NYC history whose campaign platform is built on spreading love.  Key parts of the campaign also include funding the people, rescuing the restaurant ecosystem, preparing for climate change, and cash & land reparations for Black and Indigenous New Yorkers.

Your signature is a massive help, tell your friends to register to vote and all registered democrats can sign our petition. We also have an independent petition that people of all other parties can sign as well.

If you are interested in local politics and want to get more involved you should join our team and become a "SUPER VOTER" Which adds you to the county committee and allows you to run the democratic party in your borough of NYC! If you're interested in that email us! This would be a big help! If you want to help us get signatures in person email us as well at text 727 379 2327

For more information about Paperboy, please visit their website, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

Talk soon! <3  Love you! <3 <3  

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Paperboy Love Prince 
NYC Mayoral Candidate 2021

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Signatures: 754Next Goal: 1,000
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