No homework from NYC Public Schools over long breaks like winter recess/ spring recess.

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The purpose of a "break" is for students to peacefully relax, temporarily forget about all the stresses of school and enjoy their time with families such as going on an excursion or on vacation. However, lot's of times, teachers assign lot's of busywork during the breaks such as long projects or major tests right after the break causing students to stress and over worry over their supposedly "restful break". At this point in the NYC Public Schools, certain teachers already acknowledge the amount of stress and pain that students get from completing projects, studying hard for huge tests and having to come home from school at 7 at night  (due to clubs and extracurriculars) and staying up until 12 (or even pass that); thus, certain teachers that understand the pressure on students daily assign little to no homework over the breaks so that students can have some time away from the tough reality of schools and be able to rejuvenate their worned out bodies and enjoy some time away from exams and assignments. Doing this will also enable TEACHERS TO have a break from the stresses of making lesson plans and grading papers while handling and running their own families simultaneously. 

Therefore, please, please, please!, make a policy for teachers to assign little to no assignments / HW during long breaks such as Winter Recess, Mid-Winter Recess, Spring Break and Summer Break. Short holidays such as Thanksgiving break do not really count, however, it would be appreciated that teachers limit the workload during those times.

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