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End the War on Canada Geese

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Since 2009, after the famous "Miracle on the Hudson" event, USDA Wildlife Services, an agency rife with malfeasance, has rounded up and slaughtered thousands of Canada geese and goslings from New York City's parks. In an unprecedented effort last summer, USDA slaughtered 751 Canada goose from Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Pictures of the roundup operation were made available to the public for the first time in New York City, and you can judge for yourself whether you support these unnecessary brutal methods. Photos.

Aviation experts have reiterated that culling geese in New York City parks will not make the skies safer for flying. Environmentalists know the golden rule of ecosystems: if one animal is removed, another will take over. Killing the geese is not an effective solution, and will only clear the area temporarily as other geese will repopulate the vacant desirable habitat. A long term strategy is required to resolve the conflict. Meanwhile, improvements recommended by the National Transportation Safety Board have been ignored, such as implementing and improving radar technology, airplane visibility, and not building hazardous waste transfer sites on opposite sides of a major airport's runway. The geese have been scapegoated.

Canada geese are beautiful, intelligent birds who mate for life, fiercely protect their eggs and young, and display loyalty for other members of their flock. The methods that USDA Wildlife Services uses to kill geese are controversial and widely understood to be grossly inhumane - during the hottest months of the year flightless geese and goslings are corralled, packed into turkey crates and transported to slaughterhouses or gas chambers.

These slaughters are inhumane, unscientific, and ineffective waste of taxpayer dollars. Killing the geese is counter to public opinion, not how the taxpayers and voters of New York City want our money spent, and a disturbing example for children to whom we teach tolerance and co-existence with wildlife.

Please promise to end the war on Canada geese in New York City as Mayor.

Thank you for your consideration to this important issue.

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