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Tell Mayor Di Blasio To Stop The Hookah Ban In New York City

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The City Council voted without knowledge or consideration of the thousands of people that work in the hookah industry to ban hookahs from bars, lounges, restaurants and night clubs and will only allow the ones that already exist to remain open only if they can prove that 50% of their revenue is generate by hookah service. This is outrageous and unfair because hookahs are sold in bars, restaurants, lounges and night clubs where most of the revenue is generated by the sales of alcohol, food, and admission cover. Hookahs are a complement to that revenue, not the base of the establishment’s income.


Mayor Di Blasio will leave thousands of people from this industry either out of work or without their so much needed supplemental income. Meanwhile cigar bars or cigar lounges can remain open by only having to prove only 10% of their revenue is generated by sales of cigars. This goes to show how the City Council and Mayor Di Blasio favor the rich people that goes to cigar bars like Grand Havana Room and The Carnegie Club, while us, the working class are required to meet the impossible requirement of 50% instead of the far apart 10% requirement for places that entertain the rich friends of our politicians.  


Tell the City Council and mayor Di Blasio that this is not acceptable. We want a New York that is fair to everybody not only the rich and powerful. Tell them to remove the hookah ban as it is and try to find a more inclusive solution to this situation. Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez is the instigator of this terrible bill that was pushed through the New York City Council and he does not deserve to be re-elected.    


Please sign this petition and if possible also call your local councilman to let him know your discontent.       

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