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New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA): Disclose the number of people who qualify for Priority Housing

Housing has become a major hurdle, with many people looking for permanent safe and affordable housing.

Finding safe and affordable housing so that a family can begin the process of healing and reclaiming their lives is an essential but often complicated and difficult process.

Did you ever wonder what happens to a victim of domestic violence after she leaves?

Leaving a domestic violence situation is only the first hurdle that a victim must face.

Victims of domestic violence have a limited amount of time that they can spend in a domestic violence shelter (maximum 135 days). Unless they can find new housing before the time that they are allowed to stay in a shelter runs out, they face the choice of returning to the perpetrator or becoming homeless.

NYCHA has set aside priority housing units for people in need which include survivors of DV. However, they have thus far been unwilling to disclose the number of people who qualify for Priority Housing.

We are making 3 requests of NYCHA:

1. In an effort to be transparent we are calling on NYCHA to annually disclose to the public,  the number of people who qualified and received Priority Housing;

2. We are calling on NYCHA to publically disclose the current time frame from acceptance as Priority Housing eligible to actually obtaining permanent housing.

Survivors of DV are required to submit specific documentation to be considered as Priority Housing eligible:

3. We are calling on NYCHA to modify the documentation that victims of domestic violence must provide in order to qualify for priority housing.

Currently, NYCHA requires victims of domestic violence to provide two separate incidents of criminal offense of physical violence or threat of violence by the same perpetrator. In essence, NYCHA is requiring victims of one domestic violence incident to return to their perpetrators to receive a second violent incident in order to be eligible for priority housing. We think that it is unconscionable for NYCHA to require victims to put themselves in harm's way on at least two separate occasions in order to be considered for priority housing.


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