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Immediate rent forgiveness for tenants of NYCHA housing post-Sandy

Tens of thousands of NYC public housing residents were left without electricity, heat, and in many cases, trash pickup, hot (or any) water, and gas after Hurricane Sandy. Many of these tenants are not able-bodied and did not have the means to evacuate their apartments, although they live in Zone A and were urged to leave. NYCHA and the Mayor's Office have demanded that residents--all of whom are low-income--pay the full month's rent up-front, even though basic services were NOT provided, for up to a period of two weeks, for tens of thousands of NYCHA residents. This is unacceptable treatment of low-income people, and we demand full rent forgiveness, effective immediately, for every day tenants have spent without the basic services listed above.

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  • New York City Housing Authority and the Office of the Mayor, NYC

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