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New York City DOE and NY City Mayor: Allow the residents of the Whitestone Community a voice to decide on what type of development, if any should be planned for within our community and our district.

The vacant lot located in Whitestone, NY  11357 at 150 Street and 3rd Ave, Powells Cove Blvd and 6th Ave is being considered as a site for a public high school or possibly in the future a development of 50-75 one and two family homes known as McMansions. The High School or Real Estate Development will cause more congestion and strain on resources in the community.

As an option for the community, we the undersigned feel that the above mentioned property should be purchased by NY City and returned to the Whitestone community as green space for the current and future generations to enjoy as a place to exercise, come together as a community and relax. Our children deserve a safe and attractive place to play organized sports like other children in other NY counties. This would open up opportunities for our children to play with other children outside of Whitestone, and keep organized sports alive.

The area would potentially include baseball fields, a soccer field, track, kids play area, a restroom facility, perhaps a concession stand and a parking lot to eliminate parking and traffic congestion. The complex would be fenced in and locked at off hours as are other parks in in the community (i.e. Whitestone Park on 11th Ave).

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