Speed Bump on Spruce Street

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To the New York City Department of Transportation and all related Public Officials in this topic,


We the students of Pace University, parents of the Spruce Street School, Residents of Lower Manhattan, and citizens of New York City, demand an immediate survey of, and installation of a speed reducer (speed bump or hump) on Spruce Street between Nassau and Gold Street preceding the crosswalk between Pace University and the Spruce Street Elementary School.


Traversing Spruce Street via the crosswalk that has a STOP sign proceeding it has become increasingly hazardous, especially at night when visibility is decreased and drivers tend to operate their vehicles at a higher speed. Numerous times a day, a driver of a vehicle will not stop fully at the STOP sign, or even reduce the speed of their vehicle, resulting in repeated experiences of near-injury or death from the impact of a vehicle.


To begin to address this neighborhood danger, we demand that the New York City Department of Transportation survey the location of, and install a speed reducer (speed bump/hump) immediately, in order to protect our students, children, and citizens from a vehicular accident occurring.