Please Lock North Pacific Playground During Closed Hours of 9pm-6am

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Please enforce the rules at North Pacific Playground by locking the gate during the closed hours of 9pm-6am to help decrease trash, excrement and illegal activity. North Pacific Playground (Pacific St. btw Nevins and 3rd Ave. in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn), as designed, is a great playground for small children. In particular, it is considered by many caregivers to be the best playground in the area for children aged 1-3. The rules state that adults are not to be in the playground unless accompanied by a child and that the playground is closed from 9pm to 6am. But adults are using the playground at night and in the early mornings for sleeping, as a toilet and as a place to have sex, drink alcohol and do drugs. They leave behind human feces, urine, broken glass, used condoms, excessive trash and drug paraphernalia. This creates a dangerous and unpleasant space for children and caregivers. It is costing the city extra time and money to come clean up the most worst trash like human feces and used syringes. Local police have advised that enforcing the closed hours with a lock will help curb the problem. We are parents and caregivers who use North Pacific Playground with our young children (or would like to use it if it were cleaner and safer) and we ask that the Parks Department enforce the rules of the park by locking the gate during closed hours of 9pm to 6am. We appreciate your help in maintaining a safe place for our children to play.

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