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Lennox the cat was turned into NYCACC with the accusation that he had "attacked" someone. For this he has been slated by the New York City Department of Health for death. While at NYCACC he has earned the highest behavioral rating and has shown no aggression. He deserves a chance and deserves to be released to a responsible rescue who will place him in an appropriate home.

Letter to
New York City Department of Health, Assistant Commissioner Mario Merlino
Director, Veterinary Public Health Services Norma S. Torres
New York City Department of Health, Commissioner Thomas Farley, M.D.
and 1 other
Executive Director, New York City Animal Care and Control Julie Bank
I am writing to urgently request that Lennox (A0924675), a healthy black cat with the highest temperament rating of Beginner as evaluated by New York City Animal Care and Control, be made available to one of the responsible, registered New Hope rescues that wish to save him.

Lennox was turned into CACC with a vague, nonspecific indication he had “attacked” someone. As we all know, any cat, even of excellent disposition, may scratch or nip if mishandled or hurt, intentionally or accidentally. And Lennox has emphatically and unambiguously demonstrated to ACC staff that he has an outstanding, loving, and gentle personality. Such an animal, who has no record of injuring anyone, deserves to be released when trustworthy rescues are eager to accept him and place him responsibly and safely in a loving home. It is unnecessary, cruel, and inappropriate to summarily end his life because of the vaguest report of aggression when all observations show Lennox to be a sweet, kind and stable cat.

I respectfully, urgently, implore you to avoid the unneeded tragedy of killing a gentle companion animal who has a responsible placement waiting.

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