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Petitioning Schools Chancellor, New York City Department of Education Dennis M. Walcott

New York City Department of Education: Stop the colocation of a Success Academy in the Washington Irving HS Campus


1. Six expanding high schools already reside in the building, with only one shared cafeteria and limited gym space.
2. Placing an elementary school in the building, which will occupy three floors, will divert resources from the growing high-need populations already established in the building.
3. An elementary school can not collaborate to strengthen the community and share resources in a campus of high schools.
4. The construction of separate facilities will decrease the number of fire exits available to the high schoolers and destroy the historic lobby and murals in the Washington Irving building.

"Success Academy Charter Schools are guilty of taking space away from existing public schools, counseling out high needs students and enrolling lower percentages of special education students, English language learners and students receiving free lunch, in respect to public schools. Real success doesn't come at the expense of the highest need students, while demonizing public schools. 
New York Parents & Teachers support quality education for all kids!"

(Quoted from New York City  Communities for Change)

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  • Schools Chancellor, New York City Department of Education
    Dennis M. Walcott

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