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Stop Blocking Websites With "Gay & Lesbian Interests"

As a high school student I am often disappointed to see that the DOE has blocked many websites I know to be harmless because it may contain games or perhaps videos. But as a high school student with a dedication to LGBT equality I am appalled to see that in this day and age I cannot read an article about Gay Marriage on a school computer due to "Gay & Lesbian Interests."

The websites blocked for G & L interests are not pornographic, they are not inappropriate. They are support groups, they are scholarship trusts, they are NY Times articles.

This block is homophobic and no valid argument can be made to keep them up. It is not an issue, like many I know have claimed, of pornography. Pornography is blocked by its own filter. It is an issue of our school system being bigoted.

It is time for us to step up an say that the Department of Education should not be banning homosexuality from our schools - or our school computers.

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