Project to increase Nutrition Education in Schools

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The lack of nutrition education within schools health curriculum has increased our youth's future for developing long-term illnesses. Schools fail to educate children on what matters: their future health. School should promote healthy eating. Schools spend less than 15 hours a year on nutrition education. Schools require that students take a health class to learn about diseases and symptoms. What students do not learn is how easily diseases can be prevented with a healthy diet. It is time for schools to do more for their children's future health.

We propose within five years to put in place the implementation of a more efficient nutrition education for students. The plan is ultimately a reformation of the current health curriculum giving the DOE enough time to enforce it, and receive feedback testing its efficiency. 

The first year would for the DOE to determine what specific issues within the curriculum to address. The DOE will have an year which will allow them to see how the issue affects schools and students’ future health and habits. The following year will be for developing a full curriculum for implementation throughout NYC schools. The third year, the revised curriculum will be piloted throughout a select number of schools. The fourth year the DOE will analyze the outcomes and collect feedback from teachers, followed by another revision of the curriculum. In the final stage, either they will revise the curriculum again or if it’s proven to work they will spread to enforce it throughout other schools.

These changes also won't cost New York City residents any additional costs because it simply suggests a reformation of the current curriculum. Meaning the DOE will be working with its current health budget in doing so.

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