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Allow me to seek Children of Deportees in New York Public Schools

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Hello, my name is Jessica Ordenana-Papa. I am in the process of starting a Non~Profit Organization that will be named K.i.D- Kids of International Deportees. A program that will reach out to children of deportees. Not everyone is aware of what an epidemic this situation has become. KiD will offer help for these children with social, financial, employment, education, legal & mental health services. In addition, to have a place young children & adolescents can talk to other kids in the same situation & most importantly keep in touch with their parent(s). This all comes from a personal experience with my mother & how badly it affected my siblings & I.

There are many children that are affected by their parent(s) mistake's and/or negligent. Making their own children statistic's, caused to be judged. Making life harder than it is. Most have to start working at a young age, having to mature ahead of time, losing their childhood. Like I did at the age of fifteen! Now believe me, pity is the last thing a child in this situation needs! A child need's support, guidance, nurturing & counseling environment. Unfortunately for some children, they either have 50% of that support or little to none. For whatever the reason may be. They are not victims, they are just lost.

I have asked the public elementary schools in my neighborhood, only one Principal out of six schools allowed me to pass flyer's around. Then after speaking with her Supervisior she told me I could not.  Being the Principals of these schools do not have the athuority or don't even bother to ask their Supervisiors, I really need the attention of anyone in a higher position at the NYC Dept of Ed.

Meanwhile, please help me spread the word to everyone in New York. If you or someone you know was and/or will be affected by their parent(s) being deported. Please contact me! Our first step will be interviewing children between the grade(s) 3rd through High School. I have two locations one in Manhattan & another in the Bronx. Hope you can help me, make a difference.

Best, Jessica Ordenana-Papa, A child of a deportee!

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Victor J. Papa: Director of Immigrant Social Service

Mark Handelman: Executive Director of Hamilton Madison House

Michael Musa: Immigration Lawyer

Dr. Rosa Gil: Ceo/Founder of Comunilife

Dr. Juan Carlos Dumas: Psychologist 

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Michael Musa- Immigration Lawyer

Dr. Costantino- Psychologist

Nina Costantino- Philanthropist

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