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New York City Criminal Court: Dismiss the case of 17 year old Joseph Beer

17 year old Joseph Beer is currently in the hospital, suffering from memory loss after being in a fatal car crash that resulted with the death of four of his close friends. Because Joseph was the driver of the car, it is possible that he will face 4 possible charges of manslaughter/murder. Not only did Joesph lose his friends that day, he lost his family, and himself. Can you imagine what it's like to have your own son not know who you are? Yes, Joseph may have been an unexperienced driver but he was not intentionally trying to hurt anyone. I'm asking that you sign this petition so that his case may be dismissed. Joseph has suffered not only physical injuries, but mental and emotional ones that cannot be healed. We're not looking for a way to keep him out of jail. The burden he now carries is punishment enough.

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