Save 40th Road, Oust the Illegal Massage Businesses from Flushing Community

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Dear Friends of Flushing,

Known as “Restaurant Street”, 40th Road used to be one of the most viable and busiest strips in Flushing, bustling with more than 20 restaurants and booming tourism businesses. However, due to some indecent business practices on 40th Road in recent years, the community has been negatively impacted in numerous ways.

Residents are subjected to an unpleasant environment; local businesses have lost revenue and property value on 40th Road has decreased as a result. Some businesses closed while the remaining are still struggling. Turnover rate on 40th Road is the highest in Downtown Flushing. The situation is getting worse which has drawn attention from mainstream media.

Last month, the New York Times published a feature article about the controversial death of a prostitute which occurred in 2017 on 40th Road. The story clearly demonstrates that we, as a community, need to prevent further tragedies from happening.

The Flushing BID has received a growing number of complaints from neighborhood residents. Small business owners and property owners on 40th Road have also complained about receiving fines or violations from various city agencies which could be expensive and time-consuming to deal with.

As a community, we need to come together and take action to oust the illegal massage businesses from our community. Please sign this petition to show your concern and support.