Rename Columbus Circle

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Let's keep the momentum up! Our petition has been featured on NBC, ABC, and the New York Post, and a few days after our petition started gaining steam, Gov. Cuomo announced his full support behind keeping the Columbus statue. We have to show him that we overwhelmingly reject Columbus and his history. Help spread the word and share this petition on your social media pages! Cities around the world are taking down statues that honor racists and colonizers. We must take down the Columbus statue and rename Columbus Circle. We cannot keep honoring a man who raped, murdered, and maimed people, we especially cannot honor him in the biggest melting pot of cultures, languages, and races in the country.

This can only happen by collectively using our voices to fight for change. We can do it! Let's get to 10k by this weekend?

Sincerely Yours,

Gabe Friedman
1 year ago