Please Pass the Community Toilet Incentive

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It is difficult for people who live in New York City to find a public bathroom when needed. This would often lead to people having to hold it in until they find a bathroom but this can lead to many health problems such as developing kidney stones, pelvic pain, and many more. Some people might also end up urinating on the streets which is unsanitary and this can cause the spread of bacteria and diseases. The "Community Toilet Incentive" is a policy where businesses can choose to open their bathrooms for the public to use. Therefore, whether the person is a paying customer or not, they are allowed to use the bathroom as long as the business permits. In return, the government would pay the businesses back in tax credit. New Yorkers would no longer have to worry about finding bathrooms when they are in the city or other places, and the streets would also be more sanitary! Please sign this petition so that it will be easier for New Yorkers to find a public bathroom. This way we can keep the streets more sanitary and protect the health of New Yorkers!

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