Pension Improvements for NYC Educators

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Michael Shulman
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Petition for Tier 6 Pension Improvement

  • Whereas, new UFT members who join the Teachers’ Retirement System after March 31, 2012 are entered in Tier 6,
  • Whereas, members in Tier 6 contribute from 3% to 6% to their pensions as long as they work,
  • Whereas, members in Tier 6 cannot retire without very reduced benefits until reaching age 63 while making a higher contribution,
  • Whereas, many other city agencies such as police, fire, sanitation can retire with full pension after 22 years of service,
  • Whereas, the UFT, in the past, lobbied successfully for a 25-55 pension plan for Tier 4 members,
  • Whereas, the UFT, in the past, won other significant pension improvements in the NY State Legislature.

Resolved, that the UFT lobby the City and State to equalize and improve the Tier 6 pension and include all UFT members in this campaign.