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Mariano Rivera's inspiration and class have done so much for not only New York City, but for the game of baseball. To honor the greatest closer of all time - if not one of the best baseball players of all time - rally together with us to have New York City change the popular River Avenue behind Yankee Stadium to Rivera Avenue. 

Letter to
Mayor of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Given the difficulties of the '13 season for the Yankees, it's somewhat fitting that the highlight for the team may be celebrating the career and retirement of Mariano Rivera.

“Mo” has been humbly honored by every team he has played against this year and he will be honored in various ways by the New York Yankees and team-mates in the coming months.

That being said, it begs the question: What can WE do as New Yorkers to honor a man whose inspiration and class has done so much for not only our home team and community, but for the game of baseball?

No steroids, no corked bats, no run-ins with the law. A hero in the class of DiMaggio, Gherig, and Munson.

I’d like to suggest re-naming a street in his honor. For the sake of one additional vowel, NYC should add the letter "a" and permanently rename the section of River Avenue behind the Stadium, "Rivera Ave."; for that matter they could rename the entire length! It's simple, symbolic, and sincere.

Other than some Red Sox fans, has anyone ever heard anything negative about Mo? A petition has been created and has garnered hundreds of signatures in just a few hours. Your additional support would be greatly appreciated:

Life and careers are too short.