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New Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam: Stop the Attack on middle class workers with unreasonable contract demands.

Business employs a copycat culture. Verizon is being watched by every other company and industry to see if a HUGELY profitable company can gut employees compensation, benefits and security. If Verizon is successful, every company will follow their lead.  Verizon is NOT a company facing a financial crisis; They are EXTREMELY profitable. This is not a company coming to its union employees seeking ways to work together to face the challenges of the future.  Verizon's proposals seek to destroy our future.  Mr.  McAdam, you took over as Verizon's CEO on August 1st 2011, immediately tripled your yearly compensation to $23 Million, and then asked employees for the most retrogressive demands ever presented in the history of our Unions bargaining. If Verizon succeeds, we will ALL eventually be subject to these toxic concessions.  Lowell McAdam: NEGOTIATE, not DICTATE.

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