Investigate Mississippi’s 22nd District Attorney Daniella Shorter and Judge Tomika Harris

Investigate Mississippi’s 22nd District Attorney Daniella Shorter and Judge Tomika Harris

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Started by Herman Smith

Update :This is unfair. Let’s alert � the Mississippi State Senate and The House of Representatives because Corruption is still in play. This time in Monroe County, Its taking place in this new trial. They are changing their whole story about what happened to baby Juryah. Tkia was previously convicted on a story claiming that She hit baby Juryah 5 times in the head. Now They are saying four blows happened in the care of others but Kia delivered 1 fatal blow. Let’s get the Attorney General and someone who is not from that community on the case. Please come look at what’s not being mentioned in this story. Catch them before they waste taxpayers money again. Please go investigate, don’t entrust this to a group of liars again. Dismiss the whole case and file it as a cold case or close it and rule her death undetermined multiple bft. Their investigator ruined this whole case and they are covering the first prosecutor’s tracks. They allowed a biased street reporter into the court room and banned Local and National news professionals. The Judge omitted all legitimate evidence that presents reasonable doubt . The State prosecutors used a well put together black man from ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY to come in and lie on a black woman for $50,00!

The MS 22nd circuit district is undermining the integrity of true justice in the case of Tkia Bevily vs. The State of MS.  Several officials have misused legal loopholes that ultimately lead to the trial and conviction of Tkia Bevily. Her civil rights were violated during trial; and during the post trial motion hearings, she was able to prove jury misconduct. The investigator, prosecutors, and witnesses in this trial also behaved dishonestly and unethically. I would produce the transcripts for those post trial motions, but I can’t. The court has limited public access to those motion hearing records and gagged the people in attendance. Also, We have been forced to wait on the judicial ruling in-spite of being entitled to swift and fair justice. Let’s make this right and see that true justice is always served in The Great State of Mississippi . My grandchildren are suffering the most and other family members are under a lot of unhealthy stress. If this miscarriage of justice is accepted  and validated, It will happen again..

The tragedy  

  • Tkia Bevily's bonus daughter and Morris’s Biological was found in her crib dead and unresponsive

The first 48 investigation 

  • The investigator saw no signs of foul play, no bruises, no distress, or nothing that implied that a murder had taken place  

The medical examination

  •  It was not thorough, according the prosecutor’s expert who testified during the court proceedings 
  • The preliminary autopsy report said homicide and it was shared with the biological mother. She was not investigated by the lead investigator. This  allowed the biological mom’s family to spread propaganda about Tkia before the full autopsy or investigation was completed 
  •  The victim’s aunt admitted via social media that she showed up at the crime lab persistently and  harassed an already overwhelmed Medical Examiner to produce a full  autopsy report.
  •  The victim’s biological mom expressed via video that she was upset about Tkia and Morris moving out of town and she went to the media spreading propaganda demanding that justice be served in the form of arresting Tkia and Morris

The criminal investigation

  • The lead investigator is a friend and a neighbor of the individuals who also cared for the victim days prior to her death 
  • The lead investigator did not suspect anyone who cared for the victim on the eve of her death
  • In an effort to mislead the investigator, and prevent him from investigating everyone, the victim’s great uncle told the investigator that “the baby was hurt at Morris’ home but intentionally withheld the fact that the incident that he was referring to was well documented by ER professionals and no foul play was suspected
  • Individuals who had previous contact with the victim, wrote statements saying that she was not herself because she had a unusually lower level of energy and seemed tired 


  • The prosecution’s star witness sent a text telling Tkia that she “knew Tkia didn’t kill the victim”
  • A change of venue was denied 
     Tkia and Morris’s trials were separated as a prosecution tactic 
  • Tkia was not given enough time to secure a strong legal defense
    The public defender stated that he was denied discovery 
  • The victims mom made a video insisting that she was starting a movement with the intentions of tainting the jury 
  • The jurors withheld the truth about knowing the victims mom and family (proven in post trial motions)

During the trial:

  • Some of the jurors were sleep, speaking to one another about trial, and incompetent
  •  The star witness committed perjury (proven)
  • The prosecutor brought up misleading information in front of the jury that was substantial enough for a mistrial 
  • The defense attorney, Chris Routh, was bullied by both prosecutors and court officials
  • The defense’s expert witnesses was belittled and badgered because he presented info that confirmed that the victims internal wounds could not have happened minutes before she died because he saw signs of healing 
  • The prosecution’s  expert witness:
  1. stated that their was no way to tell exactly when the victims wounds occurred and that they could have happened 8 to 14 days prior to her death 
  2. Revealed that some info in the autopsy report was wrong 
  3. Expressed that the prosecution withheld two witness statements that would have changed his report 
  4. offered conflicting testimony when he was questioned by the defense and prosecution

Post trial:

  • Tkia was wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison 
  • A juror expressed that they determined that Tkia was guilty because she wore nice suits and had a relaxed look on her face 
  • In an attempt to silence the family and not make the court look bad, the court gagged the family 
  • In addition, to the gag order the family was warned that speaking out might cause harm to Tkia in prison 
  • The jury consisted of a relative of the deceased victims’ aunt, a neighbor and a family friend of the  victims’ family

 2021 The tragedy took place in Portgibson, Mississippi. This is a small town and Tkia was not a native of this town. The public officials are well acquainted with their citizens, and granting justice to familiar acquaintances took precedence over an unbiased investigation and trial. If you too are against this form of abuse of power in our court system please sign my petition!

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656 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!