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New Trial for Lathierial Boyd: Retired Sentencing Judge now says, "Case Should be Re-opened and New Evidence Heard!"

¨     The Truth.

¨     1990 Chicago, Illinois:  Lathierial Boyd was arrested, convicted and sentenced to 82 years in prison for allegedly killing one man and paralyzing another because of a longstanding drug debt.

¨     The Whole Truth.

¨     The Honorable Judge Shelvin Singer presided over Lathierial Boyd's bench trial (a trial without a jury) and returned with his guilty verdict based on what he heard and saw in the courtroom during the trial.  But did he see and hear all of the factual evidence?

¨     Nine out of the nine eyewitnesses, who viewed the police lineup, could not identify anyone as the killer.

¨     After the lineup, when the police pointed to Lathierial Boyd as the suspect, Jennifer Bonnano, one of the nine eye witnesses emphatically stated, "You have the wrong man!" Ms.  Bonnano’s statement was withheld from the defense and the judge never heard her testimony.  Ms. Bonnano later signed a sworn affidavit.

¨     Lathierial  was wholly excluded  from any forensic evidence left at the scene of the crime.  There was no physical evidence linking him to this crime.  

¨     The paralyzed victim, Ricky Warner, was shot in the back of the neck from behind and rendered unconscious before his body fell to the ground.  When the police initially questioned him in the hospital, Mr. Warner stated "I did not see who shot me."  Three days later he changed his story.

¨     A Nurse who was present in the hospital room when Ricky Warner initially told the police that he did not see who shot him, signed a sworn affidavit as to what she heard that day.

¨     Ricky Warner’s brother, James Fleming, also signed a sworn affidavit telling the world that his brother told him that he did not see who shot him.

¨     Harold Casey and Angela Boyd both signed affidavits that Lathierial was with them from 8pm until 9am at the time of the shooting.  Harold Casey was a 12 year veteran Cook County Sheriff.

¨     Twelve years later, WGN News Chicago aired their investigation into Latherial Boyd's case. Due to the new evidence WGN uncovered, the State’s evidence that was produced in the original trial was later ruled as false by the court of appeals during an evidentiary hearing.

¨     Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

¨     22 years ago, Judge Singer convicted and sentenced Latherial Boyd based on the evidence presented at the trial.   Since that time, knowledge of what was NOT presented to him has come to light.  Further, evidence that was presented to him has been ruled as false.  And, some who were silent back then have since come forward.

¨     Even Judge Singer, now retired, believes the case should be revisited.

¨     Enough doubt has surfaced.  Now it is time to see if it is reasonable.

¨     Justice for All.

¨     Navigating through the complex and exhaustive labyrinth of procedural law has been a costly lesson in futility and to date has not produced any lasting results in Lathierial's case.  Since the originally flawed trial, all of the lower and upper (State and Federal) court proceedings and subsequent rulings have stemmed from the original trial and conviction.   While the biggest and most tragic mistake our justice system can make is the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of an innocent person, the reality is that revisiting closed cases takes a back seat to investigating open ones.

¨     This is where, We the People, can step forward.  To urge those in power to help make the right thing happen.

¨     Please sign our petition for a new trial and join us in the pursuit of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth regarding the night that  Michael Fleming (then 19 yrs old) was killed and Ricky Warner (then 22 yrs old) was shot and paralyzed.

¨     Justice for the shooter of these boys and Lathierial Boyd needs be served beyond any reasonable doubt.


¨     For more information, police records, court documents, affidavits and the well documented corruption in Chicago visit:



Letter to
US Senator Kwame Raoul
State's Attorney Anita Alvarez
US Senator Richard Durbin
and 3 others
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan
Governer of Illinois Pat Quinn
Attorney General - DOJ Eric Holder
Dear Ms. Alvarez,

My name is Lathierial Boyd IDOC# B10106.

This letter is my plea to you for a thorough re-investigation and retrial of the case for which I have been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for half of my life.

Try to Imagine just for one moment what it might feel like to one day wake up to your worst nightmare playing out in living color. Only, it's not a nightmare. And every day you wake up to the same horrific scene replaying over and over. I have lived this reality day in and day out for the past Twenty-two years. Sometimes when I awake in the morning, my face stained with tears of helplessness and hopelessness, I wonder when someone will care enough to finally free me from this inconsolable nightmare that has become my life. If I had to try to describe to you in just a few words what being wrongly accused and imprisoned all of these years feels like for me???....Being buried alive with nobody there to hear my silent screams for help might be a fairly accurate description.

As you know, there was no physical evidence that links me to the crimes for which I am imprisoned. None. And, of the nine people that viewed the lineup I was in, not one identified me as the killer. Further, detailed in one of my subsequent district court proceedings, an undisputed ever-growing body of evidence came to light since my original trial, proving that I am unquestionably innocent of all charges for which I was convicted and imprisoned.

In an era where we have come face to face with the indisputable reality that there are people in prison who are innocent, how can it be acceptable that I, an actually innocent man, is left to suffer the torture of a wrongful conviction simply because I am not lucky enough to have a case that involves any DNA/forensic evidence that scientifically proves my innocence???

It is a fundamental value determination of our society that it is far worse to convict an innocent man, than to let a guilty man go free. In this same vein, a prosecutor’s mission is not so much to convict, as it is to achieve a just result. A call for a re-investigation/retrial by you will open the door for the truth to emerge and justice to be served. I am confident that if this is done with a mind for uncovering the glaringly obvious truth that I am innocent of all charges, that the decision to overturn my conviction will undoubtedly be the end result. There can be no other result. I am an innocent man wrongly convicted and imprisoned for crimes that I did not commit.

I realize that you have been in office for only a short while and are not personally responsible for my wrongful conviction and lifelong imprisonment. However, now that you are aware of the gross injustice that your predecessors and underlings created and perpetrated, I am hoping and praying that you will not take the responsibility and duties of your office lightly and see to it that justice is served.

Until you re-open case # 90 CR 8602, police file # N-088-648 and uncover the truth that has been hiding in plain sight for all of these years; Justice for me will be---DENIED.


Lathierial Boyd IDOC #B10106
2500 Route 99 South
Mt. Sterling, Illinois 62353

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