Amend New Tec By-Law 93-81

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Petition for Amendment to Littering By-Law 93-81

of New Tecumseth

To the Town of New Tecumseth:

It is imperative that the Town of New Tecumseth takes more aggressive action to save our environment. The New Tecumseth Littering By-Law 93-81 is an outdated deterrent, which in recent years has had little success in stopping people from littering. This petition requests that by-law 93-81 be amended to include: issuing signs around New Tecumseth (particularly Tottenham) that prohibit littering, installing more trashcans, and increasing the penalty fine of $25. I also request that a specific clause be implemented to prevent waste from being thrown from moving or immobile vehicles, on business, public, or private property.

The accumulation of litter has especially been growing in Tottenham at the Conservation Area, and on Queen Street and Mill Street in the last few years. This is most likely due to the growing population of our village, and the lack of signs prohibiting such behaviour, on the two formerly named streets. New residents may be unaware of the consequences of littering in a small community to wildlife (small and large), and our precious green spaces like, the Tottenham Conservation Area and the Trans Canada Trail.

In congruence with the lack of preventative signage and trash receptacles, the voluntary payment for flouting by-law 93-81, has not been changed since its enactment in 1993.  The penalty fee of $25 dollars is an inappropriate amount that has evidently done nothing to dissuade litterers. According to the rate of inflation, this fine should now sit at around $40, but I propose that this fine be comparable to the dog-excrement fine of $50, and I wish to have it more vigilantly enforced by by-law officers.

Our rules for littering must be reevaluated. Our climate is facing record high temperatures and our local wildlife is becoming increasingly endangered. In other municipal communities close to New Tecumseth, the littering by-laws have been amended more than once since their original enactment to combat the aesthetic and environmental impact over the years. For instance, The Township of King has amended and repealed several littering by-laws, the latest rendition being from 2001. The City of Vaughan’s latest amendment is from 2015. These towns may be larger than New Tecumseth, but all areas and municipalities have a responsibility to reconsider by-laws when they have become old-fashioned and ineffective.

Since the current by-law has been the status quo for so long, a single change may not be enough to stunt the growth of litter and environmental damage. Therefore, adjacent with the request for amendments to by-law 93-81, is an entreaty that council initiate better preventative measures against littering, such as, but not limited to: waste prohibition signs, installing more garbage cans, and encouraging environmental education for students.

Earlier this year, David Suzuki published a message to humanity. He wrote: “The longer we delay addressing environmental problems, the more difficult it will be to resolve them.” In 1992, Suzuki and 1700 scientists and Nobel prizewinners signed a document calling for a change to the way humankind treats the earth. The New Tecumseth littering by-law, which was enacted the following year, started the community on the right path. However, that path has changed, and our environment has deteriorated. The Town of New Tecumseth has delayed long enough. It is time to repair the damage and prepare for a budding population.

A great first place to start is with the amendment of this law and ensuring that we all do our part. The afore requested amendments of an increase in the penalty fine, more trash cans on the main streets, and signs that prohibit litter are not a lot to ask. It has been almost a quarter of a century since by-law 93-81 was enacted and it has never been altered. It is time for new measures to be put in place to ensure a better future for our town. It is not a huge step, but it is an important one, that may lead to a cleaner, greener and more environmentally responsible community. 

Please support the amendments to Littering By-Law 93-81, and other positive eco-conscious implementations, if you want a more beautiful community.


Thank you,


Alexandrea Gnap


January 26, 2017