Keep home for sick Elderly Lady.

Keep home for sick Elderly Lady.

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Kjs N Mez started this petition to New South Wales housing minister

There are a number of friends and community members concerned that FACS housing (DCJ) are about to make an elderly 70 year old lady with severe health conditions homeless, simply because she is not yet a permanent resident of Australia-which she has been working towards for the last 5 years and has been waiting for over four years for a hearing at the department of home affairs. She has lived in the property with my Mother for over four years paying rent as an ‘additional occupant’ and my mother who is her older sister recently passed away (my Aunty and I cared for my mother for the past four years as she had dementia and cancer)

My Aunty has been in Australia for over thirty years and has worked and paid her taxes, contributing to the the Australian economy. 
Ironically her job actually entailed looking after people with disabilities and mental health issues and she did this with so much love and compassion. 

We recently went through the appeal process with housing requesting that she remain housed where she currently lives as it’s a disability friendly home and close to all of her health services and support networks (she has limited mobility) and this request was declined.

we also recently lodged an application where a close family friend who is an Australian citizen has applied for ‘head tenancy’ in order to support the cause of keeping her in her home, however this request has been denied. 

The NSW Homelessness Strategy from 2018- 2023 by FACS considered the main focus area was to “support people to maintain tenancies and avoid entering the homelessness system”

Department of Community Justice have now issued a termination notice. The alternative options they have provided have not been able to assist so far, therefor there is no where for her to go at this point that is suitable for someone with her needs and health conditions. 

We have written to the Minister for Family and Community Services (minister for social housing) and are awaiting a reply. 
I have offered to continue paying rent at the property while my Aunty awaits the long process with her immigration situation. I have my own responsibilities which include 3 young children and I am willing to pay rent to keep her housed. 

I want to try and bring attention and support to this matter in hope they will reconsider their policy so she does not become homeless. My apartment is overcrowded and unsuitable for someone with limited mobility.

DCJ are aware of all the ins and outs and all continue to say that they feel bad, however they don’t have the power to make the decision to allow her to stay. Who does have the power?! 
Policies are only a guide and can be reviewed on a case by case basis and this is a very unique case as she has called Australia home for the past thirty years. 

Please help us by signing and sharing this petition.

Thank you for your support ❤️



0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!