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Petitioning Manager, Walter Beighey, Jr. New Sewickley Township, Pennsylvania and 4 others

New Sewickley Township, Pennsylvania: Stop New Sewickley Township re-classifying Gentle Ben's Giant Breed Rescue

From Gentle Ben's:

I would like all of Gentle Ben’s followers and supporters to know that after 11 years of operating our rescue at our home, without incident, the Borough of New Sewickley Township has now made the decision to classify Gentle Ben’s as a commercial “kennel”, instead of a rescue. A kennel is not permitted in our residential zone. This means that Gentle Ben’s will be forced to close and the large breed dogs we take in will face uncertain futures that almost certainly will include euthanization.
During the past 11 years, Gentle Ben’s has saved hundreds of dogs and have found homes for many in return. Many of our followers are families who have either had to surrender their beloved pet due to a family illness or death, due to their home being in foreclosure and having to move to an apartment, or due to other situations such as a new baby or divorce. Whatever the reason, we have always been here to help and open up our home to these unfortunate dogs who, by no fault of their own, end up in these situations. We have wonderful relationships with several of the local shelters and we are the first contact on their list when a large breed dog is surrendered to them. We support our community and participate in events to promote rescue.
Many of our supporters and followers have adopted from us….not once but two or three or four times. They keep coming back for a reason. They know we care for these dogs as one of our own family and they are well loved and socialized while they are with us. We spend thousands of dollars of our own money to help vet these dogs and nurse them back to health.
Just imagine if Gentle Ben’s ceased to exist. Where would these dogs go? Who would they turn to? The potential for these dogs to be euthanized would be extremely high.
The Borough of New Sewickley Township has not yet formally approved the decision to shut our rescue down but will likely do so in the next few days. We need your support and help to make sure that our rescue is able to continue to rehabilitate and save these dogs who have already been through so much.
Please call or write to the New Sewickley Township office to urge the borough to keep our rescue up and running. Mailing address: New Sewickley Township Municipal Office, 233 Miller Road, Rochester, PA 15074 or call 724-774-7822.

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Manager, Walter Beighey, Jr. New Sewickley Township, Pennsylvania
Zoning/Code Officer Barry Fowler New Sewickley Township, Pennsylvania
Secretary Patricia Pfaff New Sewickley Township, Pennsylvania
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Pennsylvania State House
Pennsylvania State Senate
Stop New Sewickley Township re-classifying Gentle Ben's Giant Breed Rescue as a commercial kennel. The owners of this rescue DO NOT profit from rescuing these beautiful large breed dogs! If the Township re-classifies the Rescue, the owners will lose their rescue and there will be no where else for these large breeds to go. The shelters are already overrun, not to mention large breed dogs need special care, not available in shelters. Take the time to look at their website & Facebook and you will see how much care & dedication goes in to caring for these animals, often times nursing them back to health @ considerable cost to them.

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