New School shooting law "Ella's Law"

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Due to the numerous school shootings taking place, the current law needs to be changed.  Simply because someone is fortunate enough to survive this horrific crime, the suspect, due to his age, gets less punishment! If someone has enough drive to create such immediate & long term chaos in what is supposed to be a safe place for children & teachers alike, the punishment should fit the crime!  There needs to be harsher laws/punishment for crimes of this nature! This poor girl, Ella Whistler, was shot SEVEN times & suffered numerous consequential injuries including spinal damage, not to mention the mental anguish her & her family will suffer the rest of their lives & the feelings of being safe are forever gone for them & hundreds of other students & teachers that were involved. Ella's teacher, Jason Seaman, was also shot THREE times & was fortunate enough to still tackle this 13 year old whom had TWO GUNS AND A KNIFE!  There is evidence this 13 yr old planned this & has a known history with guns.  Anyone who commits the crime of shooting at any school or any child oriented place of business, needs to be tried as an adult even if the victim/s survive!  The parents of the said suspect should be charged with the same charges as the current law is written for the minor.  Where is the justice for the victims??!!