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WE THE UNDERSIGNED, New Rochelle residents, taxpayers and parents, hereby declare we have lost confidence in Superintendent Dr. Brian Osborne and no longer trust his leadership of OUR school district.

WE BELIEVE the May 15th budget vote was a referendum on Dr. Osborne’s leadership and, as such, each board member should recognize that an unprecedented two-thirds of New Rochelle voters rejected Dr. Osborne’s heavy handed leadership by rejecting Dr. Osborne’s excessive and unnecessary spending plan for our schools.

THEREFORE, we call on our duly elected board members to uphold the will of New Rochelle voters by coming together and acting PRIOR TO the June 19 budget vote and formally reject the pending extension of Dr. Osborne’s contract.

WE are deeply troubled by the notion that our children should be subjected to Dr. Osborne’s announced plans to promote “equity” by watering down the high school grading policy, lax enforcement of school disciplinary policies and the elimination or undermining of challenging academic programs for high performing students, such as Kaleidoscope for elementary school students, the effectiveness of advanced math and science programming for middle schooler's, and the elimination of a unique Chemistry Honors course option for incoming 9th graders at the High School.

WE REJECT the unprecedented one-sided contract that granted Dr. Osborne unlimited power to select candidates for all senior administrative positions, including school principals, which he has used to make questionable hires without input from the Board of Education, parents and other stakeholders, as the Trinity school community has most recently experienced.

WE REJECT the lack of candor and lack of transparency that has marked Dr. Osborne’s tenure which began when he refused to acknowledge the defects in the structural integrity of the roof at Webster School one-year prior to the ceiling collapse, his false claims to the media — after the fatal stabbing of a student — that he had inherited a long-standing “open campus” practice at the high school, to his more recent failure to disclose his intention to EXCEED THE TAX-CAP LEVY until the final weeks of the 2018 budget cycle.

WE REJECT the deterioration of the perception of our schools under Dr. Osborne’s direction. On his watch, New Rochelle has seen its reputation tarnished to an extent few could have imagined. No nearby school districts should ever feel justified in refusing to send their students to competitions at our high school out of fear for the safety of their children, whether real or imagined.

WE REJECT Dr. Osborne’s rank insubordination and arrogance in ignoring the express will of our elected representatives by failing to enforce the school district’s long-standing “closed campus” policy which resulted  student violence and ultimately the death of a student at the hands of other students.

WE SUPPORT our children attending schools conducive to learning, free of violence and disruptive behavior, taught by the most qualified educators, and led by a Superintendent of Schools who is dedicated to work with our community rather than viewing New Rochelle as another rung on the ladder for his own career advancement.

WE SUPPORT a new leadership that works collaboratively with all stakeholders in a spirit of transparency and honesty to deliver an exceptional educational experience focused on meeting the needs of every child rather than subjecting our children to Dr. Osborne’s hollow educational rhetoric.

WE SUPPORT a new Superintendent search process to identify, recruit and hire new leadership under a contract that reflects traditional New Rochelle community values such as significant input from parents and teachers into the evaluation process for building leadership and collaborative board governance.