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Flip Flop Coffee Shop has been around since 2016. Located in between John B. Alexander High School and TAMIU, their goal has always been to serve student’s success and provide the community with a unique specialty coffee house. In January of 2020, management will be handed over to new owners who intend to change its concept entirely. Flip Flop, a cozy establishment built for the younger generation, will be turned into a French café/bakery lined with pale pink and mint green accented walls. Although the new concept may have potential, students will no longer have a place to study, relax, and hang out with friends.

With approximately 10,000 high school and college students within a mile radius, it would be a tragic mistake to not cater to this audience. These are the patrons that should be aimed for. Hundreds, if not thousands, of us can attest that precious memories have been made at Flip Flop. Hectic late-night cram sessions, dates that blossomed into relationships, musical talent that embodies the essence of youth. All these things have taken place at Flip Flop. Flip Flop deserves a chance to prosper into an establishment that serves the community and us, students. 

Instead of renovating the establishment into an entirely different concept geared for an entirely different audience, we want the new management to see the potential and loyal following Flip Flop Coffee Shop has. 

We are calling ALL Flip Floppers to take action and join us in signing this petition! Flip Flop is Laredo’s only coffee shop that provides a true coffee house experience. Do we really want to hear someone say "Laredo just wasn't ready for that" about another local company?

Share and send this petition to friends and family! Get the word out and be sure to visit the shop! We need to SAVE FLIP FLOP COFFEE SHOP! Follow @flipflopcoffeeshop on Instagram to stay updated on all the events they are going to be hosting until December 8, 2019. Let’s support local, LAREDO!

SEND YOUR FAVORITE PICTURES AND VIDEOS FROM YOUR TIMES AT THE SHOP TO @FLIPFLOPCOFFEESHOP ON INSTAGRAM. Let's show them that we care and show them what they would be missing out on!