Growing Green in New Orleans - Amend the New Orleans CZO to Help Urban Farmers

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Help New Orleans Grow Greener!

Neighborhoods in New Orleans are literally growing greener every day – with urban farms developing on blighted properties, empty side lots and even rooftops. People are interested and excited about urban farming to provide new jobs, more access to fresh food and green spaces in the city. However, in New Orleans, it is difficult for urban farmers to find space for long term use, and recent changes in city code are unintentionally preventing farms from being built and expanding. It should be easy for urban farmers to provide their services to our community, but some local laws stand in the way.

Will YOU Support Urban Farms?? Stand up for our farms and farmers by asking your city council representative to amend the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, so we can help farmers provide the goods and services that this city needs!

These are some of the benefits urban farms provide us:

·      Public Health – More Access to Healthy Fresh Food

o   Millions of Americans and nearly 100,000 New Orleanians struggle to have enough to eat. Urban farms can be a great resource for those who lack access to fresh healthy food.

·      Economy – Generation of Local Revenue

o  Urban farms generate job and volunteer opportunities through the creation of small businesses. Farmers sell their locally grown products to their community members, which develops a new cycle of local revenue. As people spend more money locally, this results in economic growth.

·      Environment – Improving Our World:

o   The cultivation of more plants in a city could improve air quality by nearly 40 percent.

o  Buying local produce can lower the use of fuel to refrigerate and transport food to our city. This also helps us reduce our packaging as the food has a short commute to our plates. 


·      Community – A Community that Grows Together:

o   Blighted property has been known to act as a magnet for crime. Putting abandoned and vacant lots to use and involving community members with the upkeep of those sites has been shown to decrease crime.

o  Neighbors that get involved with urban agriculture have reported that tensions are down and a feeling of connectivity is up.


Sign our petition today to let the New Orleans City Council know we need our urban farms and farmers for fresh local food, more green spaces and a stronger local economy!

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