Should Independents Candidates stand in 2019 Elections?

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The Constitution makes provision in Section 19(3)b for Independent Candidates to stand for election "for any legislative body established in in terms of the Constitution", this was emphasized by the Constitutional Court judgment in the case of My Vote Counts.

However, the Electoral Act in South Africa only makes provision for political parties to participate in elections. After 25 years of democracy, the country has been plunged into corruption that has been enabled and facilitated by party politics, which rewards patronage.

Members of Parliament are loyal to the political parties despite taking an oath to serve the nation. This has rendered Parliament ineffective in providing oversight to the Executive and intervening in time to stop corruption.

After 25 years, South Africans are still beholden to an exclusively Party Political system and are yet to exercise their fundamental right to vote directly for their chosen public representative. This right is currently only exercised at local government elections and not for provincial or national legislatures.

The need for Electoral Reform has also been expressed by Former Electoral Commissioner of SA, Brigalia Bam  who has said that the electoral system should be changed for officials to given an account to voters and not to their political parties. Bam says, 25 years into democracy, systems should be modified to meet the demands of society.

See link with detailed interview.

We believe that by providing for Independent Candidates to stand, we will be able to increase accountability and usher in a new breed of Public Officials who will put the interests of the nation above those of political parties.

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