Trinity's law (Harsher traffic laws )

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This petition is for my two year old son Trinity Talamante who was killed on June 5 2016 on NM highway 537 south of Dulce New Mexico when a 2014 one ton dodge pick up rear ended us while I was stopped for a herd of sheep. The truck landed on top of my 2000 Pontiac Grand am. Killing trinity instantly, and causing major injuries to my six year old son and myself. My three year old daughter walked away with a bump and bruise on her forehead, but is tragically tramatized from seeing her brother die. The woman responsible for my child's death was never cited nor charged. Has never once apologized for this senseless act. Tribal police cleaned up the accident scene before state police arrived. Than later denied ever touching it. State police glanced at her phone never bother to take it into evidence. The officer just told me she didn't have service and neither did he. But she made a phone call to her husband's mother. I went back to my accident scene I stood where my car was parked I had 4G Lte  and four bars. The wrecker told me himself that there was service along that stretch.  It's sad to say if I would of hit those sheep that day I would have been arrested and put in jail. But my son has not been served the justice that he deserves.


Trinity's Law: 

Driving reckless or in a distracted manner causing great bodily harm or death. Driving 10 mph over of the marked speed limit is considered uncontrolled and threatening to other drivers. Cell phone usage while driving is irresponsible and exceedingly endangering to others. Lack of attentiveness to the road and your surroundings is irresponsible and exceedingly endangering to others.Full attention must be kept on the road and surroundings at all times. If an accident occurs and results in a death, all police entities must conform to the same Policy and Procedures for conducting a full fair and thorough investigation;  regardless if the accident occurred on Sovereign Nation Land. Fair and thorough being defined as gathering all the proper evidence, photos, cellphones/records, vehicle data boxes removed immediately, securing evidence as to not be tampered with by either party until investigation is complete, verifying officers involved in the investigation have no conflict of interest which would impair their ability to conduct a fair and thorough investigation, and by any other means necessary for protecting both parties involved; tribal and nontribal.  If an accident occurs on tribal reservations the accident will be handled by two entities tribal and a non-tribal entity; thus ensuring a fair and thorough investigation. Conflict of interest would apply and must be ruled out as to provide a fair and thorough investigation to both parties tribal and nontribal.  The two entities will than work together to secure and investigate scene as to not compromise any evidence or tamper with the accident scene; thus ensuring a fair and thorough investigation. Vehicles involved in the accident should only be towed after a fair and thorough investigation has been performed and completed by both investigating parties; tribal and nontribal.  Any party causing an accident and found to be at fault; which resulted in a death shall be charged with vehicular homicide: resulting in a prison sentence deemed fair by the Judicial System. A fine and restitution to the victim’s family shall apply and the amount will be deemed fair by the Judicial System. 


Every year thousands are injured or killed by negligence. Sadly my son is one of those victims. Trinity had a lifetime ahead of him but he was robbed of that due to another's carelessness behind the wheel. I believe if there is harsher traffic laws than the driving communities will take being behind the wheel seriously.  I'm asking for my state lawmakers to make a change so another child's life and another mother's pain will be spared.