Vote to Limit the Governor's Emergency Powers

Vote to Limit the Governor's Emergency Powers

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David and Erin Clements started this petition to New Mexico state legislature

Our government was set up to ensure that the people always have a voice. There is supposed to be balance between the governor, the legislature, and the courts. All of these branches are supposed to serve the people who elected them. But the people of New Mexico have lost their voice and are no longer being heard. Our governor is indefinitely extending her emergency powers, granting herself and the Health Department far more power than they were ever intended to have. We are asking you, the legislators, to take back the power that was given to you when you were elected and represent the voices of the people of New Mexico by voting for HB139, SB74, and HJR6.

More and more studies are showing that lockdowns have the opposite effect of what is intended. The prolonged lockdown in New Mexico has created a host of secondary detrimental effects including:

  • Increased numbers of suicides in NM, which was already ranked worst in the nation, including children
  • Increased domestic violence and child abuse
  • Increased depression, isolation, substance abuse
  • Permanent loss of livelihoods for those people who have been deemed “unessential"
  • Permanent loss of jobs
  • Shuttering of restaurants despite lack of evidence that they are a problem
  • Highest unemployment in the nation
  • Loss of education
  • Taking of income, businesses, property without compensation
  • Indefinite shuttering of schools despite dozens of studies all across the world showing in-person learning doesn’t significantly increase spread of COVID
  • Disappearance of 12,000 New Mexican children from the school system
  • Violation of multiple basic, human rights including the right to earn a livelihood to feed our families, freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom to petition the government.

The governor is not addressing these serious secondary effects although much effort has been made to bring them to her attention. We believe that the governor would benefit from regular input from the legislature who can better address the needs of their constituents as a body than the Governor's office to help her deal with the many problems that face our state.

The undersigned request each and every one of our New Mexico legislators to vote for the bipartisan bill which will require buy-in from the legislature before the governor may extend emergency orders. After almost a full year of lockdown, there is now plenty of data, studies, and common sense ideas for allowing our communities to safely reopen while protecting the vulnerable. We are asking you to hear our voices and represent us. Please vote for HB139, SB74, and HJR6.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!