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Restitution for Stolen Medical Marijuana by Enforcers of Unjust and Outdated Laws

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I am a United States Army Veteran. I have PTSD as well as some non related injuries in my back from two vehicular accidents that weren't my fault. I did not ask for these problems and yet I have them. My mental and physical ailments are relieved only from using Cannabis. I have tried the pharmaceuticals that are killing people and I cannot use them. The side effects from these medicines are worse than my infirmities.

For twenty years I've lived in fear trying to get cannabis, the only medicine that actually helps me completely with my physical and mental problems. I am 40 years old and I've never had a felony in my life. I've never had a misdemeanor that ever involved hurting or stealing from anyone. I have lived in peace with my neighbors and my community. Not one person in this life has ever said or will ever say that I have hurt them or caused them harm. My question is, "Why should I be caused harm? Why should anyone in my situation be caused pain?". The answer is simple. No one should be punished, threatened, or harmed who hasn't caused anyone or anything any offence.

This petition is to impact people just like myself. This petition is to impact families just like my own. This petition would then in turn effect whole communities that have their citizens victims of the unjust and outdated laws against people who use marijuana as medicine.

I am a medical marijuana patient and have recently had four pounds of my cannabis confiscated by the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department. Four pounds is my 3 month supply. I do not smoke marijuana. I use oil. It takes more flower to make the concentrated oil that I need for my daily dosage. Politicians and police officers should not be the judge of what my doctor says I need for my daily usage of cannabis. I am now facing a felony charge for possession of marijuana. I now have no medicine and I feel ulcers growing in my stomach from stress. I can't sleep at night and I can't eat throughout the day. I am scared I may lose my home and my business. My wife is also experiencing major stress because we both take care of her mother. What are we to do if I go to jail? Who will take care of them? Will the politicians or police pay my mortgage? Will the politicians or police run my business, pay my employees and pay my quarterly taxes while a non-violent, US Army Veteran sits in jail? Nothing good comes from stealing someones medicine.

This is a petition to the legislators to give the medicine back to patients who have had their medicine stolen from them by government officials. Please, either give the medicine back or reimburse people so they can get the medicine they need. Thank you for considering to help.


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