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Revoke their license for malpractice and rape

On January 2nd and 3rd, 2013, Dr. Robert Wilcox and Dr. Okaay Odocha at Gila Medical Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, performed medical procedures including anal probing, surgery, enemas, and a colonoscopy on their victim David Eckert not only without his consent, but with him protesting. This was done during a 12 hour period. This amounts to malpractice at best, and rape at worst. Doctors take an oath to do no harm, and to respect their patients. In this case, what these two doctors did was highly unethical, and highly immoral. We must send a message to physicians that operating on a patient against his will, is wrong and carries consequences so that this does not happen to other people.

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  • New Mexico Medical Board, Administrative Prosecutor
    Dan Rubin
  • New Mexico Medical Board, Executive Director
    Lynn Hart
  • New Mexico Medical Board, Medical Director
    C. Grant La Farge, MD
  • NM Medical Review Commission
    Ellen M. Kelly

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