Decision Maker Response

Rep. Carl’s response

Rep. Carl

Mar 9, 2013 — Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. I understand how deeply personal and important this issue is to you and so many others in our community.

As a citizen legislator, not a professional politician, my priority is to be the people's voice in the state legislator. That's difficult to do with a contentious issue like the "driver's license" issue, where there are so many passionate people on both sides, but I'm going to do my best. Your willingness to share your feelings and thoughts with me on this issue helps me a lot to make decisions that are right for our community.

One of the big challenges with immigration/driver's license bills is that every bill introduced on this issue is a little different -- and sometimes a LOT different. There are good bills and bad bills out there, and I hope you will keep writing to share with me your thoughts on any specific legislation that goes to the floor during the session. Bear in mind that due to the political makeup of the legislature, most of the bills on this issue won't make it to the House floor at all.

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts -- please keep them coming!

Yours truly,
Rep. Carl Trujillo