Make Car Dealerships Essential During COVID-19 Shut Down

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Please support local New Mexico small Used Car Dealerships by signing the petition to make them Essential during this COVID-19 Shut Down. Other larger states have made Dealerships essential such as Ohio, Texas.  Dealerships have the capability to make by appointment only sales.  This week in Las Cruces, NM we had to close our dealership and we have had to turn away community members that really need a car. Below is a testimonial from a customer we are trying to help in this time of need. Thank you for your support! 

On Saturday we went out for a drive to get out of the house and my boyfriend and I joked about the car dealerships being open because they're an "essential business." Then early on Sunday morning I drove him to work, and our van died. We are a one vehicle family of 4, soon to be 5, in Las Cruces. The repairs needed to fix our van will be more than its worth and more than we can afford. With our family growing one last time any day now, we decided to sell it for scrap and replace it with something that will better fit our family. While Joe was at work on Sunday I scoured the internet and made phone calls all over town to acquire a new vehicle using the money we had saved for the baby we will soon be bringing into this crazy world. I had narrowed my options down to two minivans by Monday morning and got a ride to go look at them. The second was at a new little dealership on West Picacho called Señor Coche. The van I had picked out ended up not being the "perfect" vehicle, but while I was selling myself on it because it was something practical that I could afford, I absolutely fell in love with another minivan they had on their lot. It hadn't been advertised yet because they had just gotten it in. It was PERFECT for my little family and right at the top of my budget!!! Jeff, the owner of Señor Coche, told me he needed to have his team check it over 100% and clean it up before they would be able to sell it to me, so it would be a few days wait. I was so excited!!! To my surprise the day before I was going to have my new used vehicle I was contacted by the dealer who advised me that they could not get my family into our new used car until April 10th (and maybe longer if the governor extends the closures tomorrow morning). All dealerships have been shut down by the state because they are not considered essential businesses!!! What? How could this be? How could it not be essential for my family to have safe reliable transportation to the market for food, the laundromat, our WIC appointments, my pregnancy visits with my midwife, my kids therapy? Most importantly, how was Joe going to get to and from work every day to make sure we have a roof over our heads? I understand the need to slow the spread of the virus, I really do. What I'm struggling with is why it's not essential for my family to have a vehicle? I also wonder what other families are going through devastation because something essential to them has been made unavailable, since it wasn't important to the governor or her team? Please let me buy my family a car! I promise not to endanger anyone by doing so! The photo above is our car being towed Sunday, 3/22/20 ~Erica Benz.

Thank you, Senor Coche LLC, Las Cruces NM. 575-993-1205