I side with Forrest Fenn & the Thrill Of The Chase

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Due to recent tragedy, the death of Colorado Pastor, Paris Wallace...NMPD Chief, Pete Kassetas, has openly called on Forrest Fenn, to call off the chase.

 Forrest Fenn, needs our support now, more than ever. We are thousands, we are united and, we will stand beside Forrest, during this trying time.

The Thrill Of The Chase is more than a hidden box of gold...it is about life, dreams, imagination, goals, nature, family...and about a man who has lived a grand life, a man who wants to give back some of the enjoyment this world, more specifically, the Rocky Mountains has given him.

Everyone who is captivated by Forrest and his challenge, is given the same rules, parameters, basic do's and don't's....it is up to the individual and their own interpretation to search for the hidden trove. Each individual bears the weight of their own choices.

Throughout history, many a daring man has strived to be the first at goals seemingly unreachable. Some have died in their pursuit, only to have others achieve said goal. I can't help but wonder what those unfortunate, frozen souls that eternally rest on Mt. Everest would think of such a silly notion, brought forth by NMPD Chief, Pete Kassetas...or those intrepid adventures, who walk by those unfortunate, frozen souls on their way to the summit.

Remember this...calling off the chase will immediately render the loss of any searcher as having died for nothing! We must carry on the chase. We must honor our fellow searchers. Nothing would do so more, than to be able to find that beautiful box of riches, in tribute to Randy and Pastor Wallace. 

By singing this petition, your voice will be heard. Let's show Kassetas, who's side we are on. Let New Mexico know that they, too, should be supporting their own, Forrest Fenn.

Thank you for your time.