NM Board of Nursing: Reinstate the Licensure of Laura McCleskey, CNP

NM Board of Nursing: Reinstate the Licensure of Laura McCleskey, CNP

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New Mexico Board of Nursing

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Started by Mikki Ingram

On March 4, 2022, myself and so many other patients were made aware that we had lost our provider, Laura McCleskey, CNP. The New Mexico Board of Nursing revoked her licensure on March 3 (from what we can tell) based on a piece of paper that, from what we understand, was never received in the first place. There are now 1200 patients In New Mexico who not only have no primary care provider but also no care at all.

The goal of this petition is very simple: we want and need the New Mexico Board of Nursing to reinstate the licensure of Laura McCleskey in full. 

Laura McCleskey runs Laura's Primary and Rapid Care Clinic in Rio Rancho, NM. She started her clinic with a focus on family medicine in 2021 and has been saving lives since. Her family feels like part of our families. She manages everything from acute injuries to complex diseases and refers us to specialists who help her help us. Without Laura McCleskey and her family, we are lost. So many of us came to her after losing our providers from corporate locations. So many of us came to her having felt lost, alone and hopeless. As of now, we are all feeling that way again. 

The author of this petition is one of Laura's patients and has written the following statement:

"I am 39 years old. I am disabled. I have a complex connective tissue condition that is incurable. It has 6,000+ known comorbidities. No two of us who suffer from it are alike. I was finally diagnosed with it four years ago after years of wondering why the pain was so intense in my entire body, why my joints frequently and easily dislocated and subluxed, why I would suddenly become allergic to anything without warning, why my immune system was garbage and why I was ultimately disabled due to the unpredictable nature of my body.

Every provider I had seen to that point with the exception of two in 38 years had said that they wanted to try to cure me in some form or fashion. Laura was the third provider out of hundreds who I saw who understood and made it clear that she wanted to help me MANAGE my condition. She has never made me feel like a burden. She has never made me feel like anything was in my head. She listens. She cares. She has saved me. She also made sure that my husband, who has moderately severe asthma, has been able to be treated on a consistent basis. The fact that she is and has been willing to treat both of us has been a godsend for us.

Healthcare fails without trust and care, chronic illness patients give up hope. We trust Laura and she cares about us. We need her and we are terrified of not being able to have that almost familial closeness with our provider and her clinic. Our fears are valid and based on experience of many providers we've seen prior to finding Laura. She is a miracle for myself and so many others. Please reinstate her licensure.

M. Ingram"

This is one story of many. Her patients have been able to live and function and thrive because of Laura. 

The world is in a pandemic and we need more providers, not less. 

In conclusion, we ask that the New Mexico Board of Nursing IMMEDIATELY reinstate all of Laura's licenses that were suspended to avoid catastrophically impacting the lives of her family and roughly 1200 patients. 

757 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!