Justice for Jacob Landin

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Hi. My name is Eric Carter-Landin and my baby brother was murdered 33 years ago. His murderer was my step father. The suspect confessed and failed the lie detector test that was administered at the time. The autopsy report and a subsequent investigation conducted by the cold case investigator at the State Police confirm that he was responsible for Jacob's death. Even with all of this the DA's office of Socorro County has refused to prosecute this case on multiple occasions. They cited the statute of limitations as well as lack of evidence as the primary reason they would not pursue charges.

I find it hard to believe that murdering a baby would have a statute of limitations. I also would like to know how a suspects confession as well as corroborating reports from the forensic pathologist qualify as a lack of evidence. I am creating this petition to urge the Attorney General Hector Balderas to reopen this case and to bring charges against the person responsible for this heinous crime and bring him to justice. New Mexico has failed to hold child abusers and child murderers accountable for decades and it needs to stop. A message needs to be sent that we will not tolerate the abuse of children in this state. Please help me in signing this petition to get the attention of the Attorney General.