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A Safe and Welcoming LGBT Community for Worcester UK

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Many of us have been subject to victimisation by Local LGBT Head, known more formally as the manager of The Flag, Worcester. Many of us have found ourselves with a (lifetime) ban from Worcester's ONLY LGBT Venue for reasons unknown, while the other half have felt uncomfortable and unwelcome by the staff and management of Worcester's ONLY LGBT Venue.

It is time the folk of Worcester finally stepped up, and spoke out about the horrific experience we call the Worcester Gay Scene, with the Only LGBT Venue in Worcester being occupied by more Straight folk than LGBT folk, we find ourselves completely outcast from our own community venue.

To stand in as the 'Head' of particular sector/community, there are a few essential guidelines to follow, which include being approachable and welcoming to anyone within your community, and to provide a warm and welcoming environment for the community to enjoy and feel safe in, but with Great Power comes great responsibility and the misuse of these privileges are the reason behind the failure of the LGBT Scene in Worcester since 2010, starting with the rise and fall of Worcester Pride in 2010, where funds were "Misplaced" and "Withdrawn", and the much needed Pride Event flopped.

After the Success of Worcester LGBT Pride in 2016 operated by The House of Black Entertainment, it looked as though Worcester's LGBT Scene could finally be looking up. This was until Management at The Flag (The ONLY LGBT Venue in Worcester) withdrew all contact and agreements with Worcester LGBT Pride Managers and evicted them and their committee with NO Valid Reasoning, followed by a Lifetime ban, again with NO Valid Reasoning. It is these sorts of abuses of power that create division within what is already a small community in this city. 

Other Examples of Bans being issued Invalidly include:-
- A dispute involving 1 Gay Man (The Victim) and Half a Dozen 'Straight' Men. The Straight Men were prioritised and approved to stay in the establishment based on Quantity, whereas The Gay Man (The Victim) was evicted for the remainder of the evening.
- A number of people have reported being confronted by management and staff in a sexual manner, and evicted from the establishment pending their agreement/disagreement to participate in sexual favours with Staff.
- Other Business Owners and Managers have been banned from the establishment based on rivalry.

The root of the dispute between figureheads of Worcester LGBT Community is a conflict of interest. One Party is solely dedicated to providing Worcester with the best possible LGBT Experience for ALL members of the LGBT Community, while the other Party is lead solely by Money, Business and Greed.

It's Time for Change!

It is long overdue we as The Worcester LGBT Community clear the air between these parties and finally put this dispute to rest. Over 60% of The Worcester LGBT Community are unhappy with the lack of professionalism displayed by Venue Management and Staff (including Door Staff and Security) and feel completely unwelcome within this establishment. This has to change! As Management or 'Head' of any community, you have to remain professional, reasonable, approachable, accommodating and above all caring and considerate to fellow members of your community, None of which is being displayed from Management of Worcester's ONLY LGBT Venue right now.

Have you fallen victim to discrimination by this Venue? Have you been removed from this establishment with No Valid Reason? or perhaps removed for being a minority within a dispute? Have you received a (lifetime) Ban for reasons Unknown? Why must we all suffer and fall victim, on the basis we don't fit into the mould of one man's ideology?!

Do you Dream of being welcomed into a Nice and Safe Environment for yourself and your LGBT Friends in Worcester? Wouldn't you like to Relax in an LGBT Venue in Worcester that doesn't discriminate, nor does it prioritise the large quantity of bullies over it's own people? 

YOU have the power to make this happen! Worcester has suffered long enough at the hands of only one venue. Only we can change this! By signing this petition, you agree that drastic changes are needed to resurrect the Worcester LGBT Community, starting with the Appointment of a New LGBT Venue in Worcester and/or Management, and the position of Worcester LGBT 'Head' to be put to a Public Vote within The LGBT Community in Worcester. Using this method, we can truly address the issues within the community and work towards a bigger, brighter and more accepting LGBT Community in Worcester.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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