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Rehire Misty!

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We all Understand, good employee's are hard to find. That is why, when you get a good one , you keep them! Misty was a cook at Cravin's, located at 184 N.Main St. New London,Ohio. She was there for the summer of 2015 and the start of Summer 2016. Most of us who have lived in this town all or most of our lives have fond memories of the Cravin's since before it was even Cravin's. We have seen people come and go through the years.Some Exceptional, Some not. Misty was Exceptional. She went above and beyond her duties and kept her customers happy and kept them returning. Misty was falsely accused of theft causing her to quit her job. I say falsely due to the fact she was out of town when the issue came about. There has been rumors, maybe even truth, on who the perp was. It has been said the one actually responsible, wanted Misty and another gone, and the person accomplished his/her goal, as the accusations caused Misty to quit. People have said, they have personally seen Misty, always keeping her area clean, saw her purchase things to help  the owners with making the place look a little better instead of being run down. People have stated (past employee's) they personally seen Misty and 2 of her Children whom also was employed, go in after a Health Dept. check, and was seen scrubbing floors and walls, and doing what they could to help. They offered the help as the owner was doing it on his own. No other employee's wanted any part in helping. A lot of the regular customers, kept contact with Misty, many for the sole purpose of knowing her schedule. People wanted and have requested for Misty to prepare their orders. The food was always of excellent quality. She always greeted her customers with a smile. Always made them feel important and welcomed instead of making them feel like they were a burden for ordering food. A lot of the other employee's would literally sit around doing nothing, being on their phones or even arguing with one another. Yes, even with customers there. Misty was Management material. Quite a few of us New Londoners, have seen and spoke to Misty, since she left Cravin's, and was inquiring why she left as a few of us were told she was fired and we were curious. She never talked down on any of the other workers, and would only say, "it was just not working out". She was very loyal to her Boss. Both of them. However, as they have two other businesses, it's clear they did not notice. That is sad for them. We have asked Misty if she would consider going back, and she always states, possibly. There are a few of us,"regulars" ranging from different business and different sides of town, that have decided, we will begin going to Greenwich or settling for McDonald's or Pizza House. With Misty we always knew what we were getting, now we do not. With other places, we know what we will be getting. At Cravin's were not completely sure. There are a few of us, we stopped going to Cravin's after many years of being loyal customers because the food would always be under-cooked, over-cooked, contain bugs, contain long hairs or just disgusting in general. We don't want to see this place go all because of not being able to keep customers, so we have come together as one, and decided to start this petition. We are calling it The Petition to "Rehire Misty". Cravin's needs a person like her! Please sign Our Petition! It will be sent to both, The Owner of Cravin's, Eric Foltz/Pepper Richardson as well as Misty. If The owners see how many people want Misty back, they may open their eyes. If Misty sees, just how many people love her and her food, she may decide instead of a "possibly" a yes! So again, please help us folk's of New London out, and sign this!

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