Ontario's Fight for Fairness

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Bill 148, the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017 was communicated to Ontarians as a well deserved increase of the minimum wage.

What the government didn't tell us is that Bill 148 would make sweeping and irresponsible changes to the Employment Standards Act that have had a profound negative impact on our most vulnerable.

For students, the immediate damage caused by Bill 148 has been staggering.

Ontario's own Financial Accountability Office and the Bank of Canada warned the Government that student and young workers will be among the most severly impacted by Bill 148.

That's because Bill 148...

  • Ignores the reality that working a full-time job is not an option for all Ontarians;
  • Hurts students who often depend on part-time, temporary, and seasonal jobs to make ends meet but are not always able to work full-time;
  • Robs Ontarians of access to part-time, temporary and seasonal work that may be best suited to their lifestyles, abilities, and needs;
  • Eliminates access to part-time, temporary, and seasonal positions that non-profit community organizations depend on to deliver critical services for seniors, families, and persons with disabilities;
  • Undermines access to internships, co-ops and work integrated learning opportunities that students depend on to get experience and grow the skills they need to successfully enter the workforce and kickstart their careers;
  • Harms the employability of students who are capable of doing substantially the same work as a full-time worker but may only be able to do so for fewer hours or at a lower intensity;
  • Denies students access to workplace training and support that empower them to deliver substantially the same work as a full-time employee.

We believe that Ontario's workers deserve a raise, but that shouldn't come at the expense of our students' futures.

That's why we, the undersigned, are calling on the Government of Ontario to take action to stand up for students. We demand the review and amendment of Bill 148 to restore access to part-time, temporary and seasonal employment for the benefit of all Ontarians.