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Petitioning District 5 Supervisor Supervisor W.R. "Ray" Davis Jr and 4 others

New Kent County Board of Supervisors: Lift the ban on backyard chickens in residential areas

Backyard chickens provide pest control without chemicals, healthy eggs, and enjoyment to the people who own them. New Kent County is a traditionally rural area with a shared heritage of animal husbandry, however not all of us can live on a farm, and some of us would like to have the freedom to raise a few backyard chickens. Understandably, we think there should be limits, on the number of chickens per household, and/or limitations on roosters, but we believe that the current outright ban goes too far. Sign up if you agree!

Letter to
District 5 Supervisor Supervisor W.R. "Ray" Davis Jr
District 1 Supervisor Thomas W Evelyn
District 2 Supervisor C. Thomas Tiller, Jr
and 2 others
District 3 Supervisor James H. Burrell
District 4 Supervisor Ron Stiers
Lift the ban on backyard chickens in residential areas in New Kent County!